Embedding Student Wellbeing into Your Teaching Practice

Event Date & Time

  • August 24, 2022
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Event Description

This event is part of the CTLT Summer Institute, taking place from August 22–26, 2022.

Research clearly demonstrates that classroom environment and instructor approaches positively impact student wellbeing, enjoyment and course engagement. Wellbeing is viewed as a basic resource for success. The goal is to augment teaching practices to address wellbeing in some way, so it becomes as basic to teaching as writing learning objectives. The risks are minimal and the rewards are high, for both faculty and students.

The TEACHERS Project was designed to help faculty implement simple wellbeing strategies into classrooms, using principles gleaned form intentional kindness research, inclusion, engagement and diversity integration, a community of practice for teaching wellbeing, and more.
We are excited to share best practices, and our insights and reflections about this work and engage in discussions about what might work best for your students, in your courses, given your teaching style, through this panel presentation and discussion.

Participants will:
a) Reflect on the importance of widespread integration of wellbeing practices in the classroom to benefit student learning and wellbeing
b) Learn about and discuss how to integrate evidence-based wellbeing practices into your teaching practices, no matter what the program, discipline, or class size
c) Collect some resources to try in your classroom

Facilitator: Sally Stewart, Associate Professor of Teaching, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, UBCO