Anti-Racist Teaching Series: Exploring Complex Classroom Dynamics Using Case-Studies – February 25, 2021

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Event Date & Time

  • February 25, 2021
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Description

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This session is also part of the Indigenous Initiatives Classroom Climate series.

Note: This is an application session where participants will apply their learnings from previous workshops in the Anti-Racist Teaching Series. Because of this, we recommend that participants have attended at least one other session in the series before participating in this workshop, and/or bring equivalent prior knowledge and experience with anti-racist concepts and classroom practices.

In this workshop we will explore complex classroom dynamics, such as microaggressions and tensions when students have conflicting world views. Drawing from select Open Case Studies at UBC that highlight Indigenous student experiences in diverse classrooms, participants will work in breakout groups to unpack the scenarios and discuss how they resonate with our current classroom contexts and climates. Concepts and topics that may be raised include: tokenism, conflicting world views, burden of representation, course topics that impact students personally, and self-determination. Participants who have taken other workshops within the Anti-Racist Teaching Series will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned to their analysis of cases and come up with practical strategies.


  • Sue Hampton, Educational Consultant, CTLT
  • Kyle Shaughnessy, Educational Consultant, Indigenous Initiatives, CTLT and UBC Human Resources
  • Janey Lew, Senior Educational Consultant, Indigenous Initiatives, CTLT

Workshop Series: Cultivating Anti-Racism, Solidarity, and Inclusion

This is an exceptionally challenging and wildly important time to be an educator, as our students grapple with isolation from their regular social connections, a new (and mostly online) educational landscape, traumatic images in the media, and some big questions that arise as a result of current events. Sometimes referred to as a “double pandemic,” the systemic racism resulting in George Floyd’s murder and the COVID-19 crisis have created circumstances that challenge us to reflect, unlearn, look inward, and imagine new ways to generate educational – and societal – change. This workshop series is for UBC faculty, staff, and educators who wish to cultivate a teaching or facilitation practice that serves as a form of solidarity, and is premised upon research and popular education pedagogy in the areas of anti-racism, equity, and inclusion. 

In this workshop series, participants will be guided through reflection on their own roles and fears as educators, and develop an introductory understanding of concepts such as anti-racism, privilege, allyship, and solidarity especially in the context of online teaching and learning. This workshop series also includes the identification and intensive unpacking of harmful phrases that can lead to further marginalization of racialized or excluded students. Particular attention will be paid to helping educators with specific teaching strategies, practical tools, and relevant resources for their teaching practice.

This workshop series is intended to be a learning space for UBC faculty, staff, and educators across all disciplines to reflect on their teaching practice, cultivate active solidarity, and to prepare for educating in a time of great change. We welcome participants from a broad spectrum of existing knowledge on these topics, all the way from an introductory level to an advanced level; All are welcome.

This event will hosted online on Zoom.