The Fundamentals of Developing Effective Learning Outcomes

Event Date & Time

  • May 2, 2017
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Description

Learning outcomes are statements that indicate what students should be able to do by the end of a module, course, or program (Kennedy, 2007). Many times, learning outcomes are incorrectly considered to be synonymous with learning goals, objectives, and aims. Instead, learning outcomes are the “common currency” (Kennedy, 2007) that should be used in teaching at the local, national, and international levels. The emphasis on learning outcomes suggests an international shift from a teacher-centred approach to a student-centred approach. As such, learning outcomes should be the first step in course design and development, as they guide selection of instructional strategies, sequencing of course materials, and evaluation methods. Without effective learning outcomes, student learning cannot be effectively delivered and measured. Consequently, the quality of course design/course development may be adversely affected.

By the end of this session, participants will be able to: (1) define aims, objectives, and learning outcomes, (2) correctly distinguish among university, program, course, and module-level learning outcomes, (3) describe the key components of a complete learning outcome, and (4) develop learning outcome statements for a target module, course, or program. Participants will learn about domains of learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, and how module-level learning outcomes can guide the design of instructional strategies, sequencing, and assessment. Through interactive exercises, participants will develop learning outcomes and provide supportive and constructive formative feedback to their peers. Using Kennedy’s Checklist for Writing Learning Outcomes, participants will be able to self-evaluate the quality of their learning outcomes both in the session and in their future teaching endeavours.This event is part of the Grad Mini Conference. See below for a full outline of events.

Facilitated by: Gurprit Randhawa

Grad Mini Conference Schedule

Day 1: 9:15-4:45

9:15-9:45 OPENING: Dr. Joseph Topornycky, Manager of Graduate Student Programs, CTLT, UBC
9:45-10:45 60 min Participatory session: Breaking the Ice: Exploring Icebreakers and their value
(Arnab Ray & Katharina Rothe)
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00 – 12:00 60 min Participatory session: The Fundamentals of Developing Effective Learning Outcomes
(Gurprit Randhawa)
12:00-12:45 Lunch Break
12:45–2:30 Icebreaker/ energizer (Jens Vent-Schmidt)
90 min participatory session: Designing Classrooms that Promote Learner’s Awareness
(Mabel Ho, Arnab Ray & Jens Vent-Schmidt)
2:30-2:45 Break
2:45-3:45 60 min participatory session: Guidelines for Developing an Impressive Teaching Dossier/Portfolio
(Gurprit Randhawa)
3:45-4:00 Break Poster session:

  1. Connecting the Dots: A Practical Approach to Transforming Lesson Design (Mabel Ho & Jens Vent-Schmidt)
  2. Sociology TA Training (Silvia Bartolic)
  3. BioTAP: Biology Teaching Assistant Professional Development Program – Building a teaching community (Kathy Nomme)
  4. TA Professional Development in UBC Physics and Astronomy (Deborah Good, Jeff Bale & Dominik Neuenfeld)




Round tables:

  1. Fostering community of practice to support undergraduate learning (Stephanie Cheung, Laura Super, Analise Hofmann & Lachlan Caunt)
  2. How important is historical context within introductory classes? (Analise Hofmann, Laura Super & Stephanie Cheung)
  3. Facilitating content connections to undergraduate students’ daily lives (Laura Super, Stephanie Cheung, Sina Fazelpour & Amir Maleki)
  4. Understanding Learners & Learning (Shawn Hetherington)
  5. How should learners be changed by my discipline? (Joseph Topornycky)
(Break and Rotate)

Day 2:

9:30-11:15 Icebreaker/ energizer (Mabel Ho)
90 min participatory session: Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Universal Design for Learners
(Deborah Chen & Mabel Ho)
11:15-11:30 Break
11:30-12:30 60 min participatory sessions: Integrating Reflection into your Teaching Practice
(Jason McAlister)
12:30-1:15 Lunch break
1:15-1:45 30 min Presentation: Students as Public Scholars In Training
(Madeleine Ransom)
1:45-4:00 Panel:
Dr Glenn Deer, English Department, UBC
Dr Silvia Bartolic, Sociology Department, UBC
E. Jean Buckler,PhD Candidate, School of Kinesiology, UBC
Christine Sumner, PhD Candidate, Animal Welfare, UBC
4:00-4:30 CLOSING