Promoting Equity and Inclusion with Responsible Use of Student Demographic Data

Event Date & Time

  • May 9, 2022
    3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Event Description

This event is part of theĀ 2022 Celebrate Learning Week.

In this panel discussion, presenters will discuss their experiences with using student demographic data to promote inclusion and accessibility. Cases will include using personalized demographic data to construct groups in an evidence-based manner (Dr. Joss Ives) and evaluating the effectiveness of teaching approaches (Dr. Bridgette Clarkston). Additionally, examples of using aggregate data to provide insight into the extent to which courses have equitable outcomes will be shared (Dr. Jaclyn Stewart). Panelist Dr. Stephanie McKeown, the project lead and a sponsor of the UBC Student Demographic Data Project, will share about the project and engage in discussion about responsible use of data and concerns about data privacy and access. Attendees will be invited to engage with the panelists as well.


  • Bridgette Clarkston, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Botany
  • Joss Ives, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Physics and Astronomy and Vantage College
  • Stephanie McKeown, Chief Institutional Research Officer
  • Jaclyn Stewart, Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Science