Lecture to Dialogues – Make Your Lesson Materials More Engaging with ChatGPT

Event Date & Time

  • May 7, 2024
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Event Description


This event is part of the 2024 Celebrate Learning Week, taking place from May 6–10, 2024.

How can generative AI help make your lesson materials more engaging? Instead of using GPT to generate lesson contents, this workshop will demonstrate the potential of using GPT to present your pre-written contents in a new way. Specifically, we will look at:

  1. How to transform the formats of the content? (E.g., turning a static Q&A sheet into a dialogue between virtual students)
  2. How to design and inject personas into the content? (E.g., persona attributes of the virtual students that can induce critical thinking)
  3. What are the benefits of the alternative presentation of contents?
  4. What to look out for when writing GPT prompts for content transformation?

This 1.5-hour workshop will cover some of the latest research in this area, hands-on collaborative activities, and group discussion to ideate how the concept can be applied for various disciplines and learning activities.


  • Thitaree Tanprasert, PhD candidate, Department of Computer Science
  • Dongwook Yoon, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

Note to Non-UBC Participants:

In order to register for this program, non-UBC faculty, staff, and students will need to create a UBC Basic CWL. To do this, please go to the CWL page and scroll down to the accordion tab that reads “Basic”. Follow the instructions there for creating and activating a Basic CWL, then please return to this page to register for the program.

This event will be hosted on Zoom.