Learning Analytics

Event Date & Time

  • January 16, 2019
    12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Event Description

Learning analytics is an emerging field that explores how students engage with and learn from course materials, with a view to improving instructional design and student outcomes. In this workshop, we will provide an introduction to learning analytics and the analytics tools currently available at UBC, such as Canvas Analytics, Threadz, and OnTask. Participants will explore how learning analytics tools can support TAs in their work and will have an opportunity to provide feedback about possible tools and features that could make learning analytics even more useful for teaching and learning,

Register and attend this workshop in order to complete the following theme(s):

  • Teaching with Technology


  • Will Engle, Strategist, Open Education Initiatives, CTLT
  • Geoffrey Gooderham, Graduate Student Facilitator, CTLT
  • Craig Thompson, Research Analyst, CTLT

TA Institute

The TA Institute is open to any Graduate Student who is interested in teaching or TAing, and includes sessions on Teaching and Learning Theory, Scholarship, Classroom Strategies, Campus Climate, and Lesson Design. If you have interest in becoming a better TA, or get a head start preparing for teaching in your career, sign up for one or more of these 2 hour, interactive workshops.

This year, workshops in the TA institute are organized into 5 themes, and if you complete 3 workshops in a theme, and do the related pre & post institute online module, you are eligible for a letter of completion that you can include in your Teaching Portfolio and C.V. These letters will include a brief description of any themes that you completed, and how the work you did in those themes supports your development as a teacher.

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