Intentional Technology Use for Impactful Teaching

Event Date & Time

  • January 14, 2021
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

Event Description

Note: This session is intended for Graduate Students, and Undergraduate and Graduate TAs only

In March 2020, various web tools and associated peripherals (like webcams and tablets) abruptly became essential teaching resources. This happened within an existing technological context of photocopiers, partial use of Canvas, occasional lecture recording, and much else. Sometimes, a technology is chosen for the classroom, and it genuinely helps students learn better; we all have our own stories about when things go otherwise, if not as teaching assistants then as students ourselves. As teaching assistants, what is our role in choosing and using teaching technologies that best support our students’ learning? Which decisions about teaching technologies are ours to make, and how can we make sure we are prepared to make them? In this session, participants will use reflection, role-play, and creative expression, guided by the facilitator, to develop their own answers to these questions, which they can apply in their teaching assistant roles.


  • Sophie MacDonald, PhD student in Mathematics

TA Institute

The January 2021 TA Institute runs online from January 11-15. This year, workshops in the TA institute are organized into 6 themes. If you complete 4 workshops in a theme, and do the related pre & post-session online modules, you are eligible for a letter of completion that you can include in your Teaching Portfolio and CV. These letters will include a brief description of any themes that you completed, and how the work you did in those themes supports your development as a teacher.

To be completed – Pre/Post Session Online Module

If you wish to complete this workshop as part of the themes below  you must complete all applicable the pre-session online module(s) by January 11 at 9 AM and the post-session online module(s) by January 18 at noon to receive the letter(s) of completion.

  • Implementing Impactful Teaching Practices
  • Designing for Impactful Teaching 
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Teaching for Inclusion and Accessibility

Click HERE to access the pre and post session modules.