Integrating Generative AI in Assignment Design

Event Date & Time

  • August 14, 2023
    12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Event Description


Join this interactive workshop to explore the integration of generative AI into your assignment and assessment design. We invite you to participate in an engaging, two-hour, interactive workshop. This session is designed for faculty members at all levels of familiarity with generative AI. It offers a platform to share successful strategies, learn from colleagues, and discover how to utilize generative AI in designing assignments and learning activities.

During the workshop, we will discuss real-life examples of how faculty members are integrating these tools into their practice. In addition, the session will provide insights into effective prompting and methods to refine the outputs you generate with generative AI.

This hands-on approach focuses on two key areas

  1. Developing robust assignments that uphold academic integrity, by instilling practices that foster creativity, critical thinking, and rigorous scholarship.
  2. Learning practical techniques to integrate generative AI into assignments

By the conclusion of this hands-on workshop, you will have developed a clearer understanding of how to incorporate generative AI into a learning activity. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to redesign one of your existing learning activities to include generative AI, either as a central feature or a supplementary tool.


  • Lucas Wright, CTLT Senior Educational Consultant
  • Judy Chan, CTLT Faculty Associate, Faculty Liaison (Land and Food Systems)
  • Joe Zerdin, CTLT Support Analyst, Emerging Technologies
  • Nicole Ronan, CTLT Educational Consultant: Learning Design

This event will be hosted on Zoom