Holding Indigenous Topics with Care

Event Date & Time

  • February 22, 2024
    10:00 am - 11:30 am

Event Description


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In this workshop, participants will learn about classroom climate through the What I Learned in Class Today project and what it means to go beyond “just integrating” content to what it means to hold discussions with care in the classroom and how this can make a supportive and safer learning experience for all students.  

This workshop requires participants to engage with asynchronous materials prior to the workshop, including watching the Renewed Student Perspectives Film: Educational Experiences and Institutional Responses and reading two articles (approximately 30 minutes of pre-work). Within the synchronous portion of the workshop, we will be screening the What I Learned In Class Today Renewed Faculty Perspectives Video, followed by a discussion. 

We encourage participants to attend the Classroom Climate Series Session: Indigenous Foundations: Getting Started on January 24th. 

Learning Outcomes: This session will help participants to start critically engaging and reflecting on the following, 

  • How classroom climate impacts Indigenous student experiences  
  • Appropriate engagement with Indigenous students within and beyond the classroom 
  • Ways to navigate Indigenous topics with care in the classroom 


  • Faculty, TAs, Instructors, members of teaching and learning community at UBC 


  • Hannah Coderre – Educational Consultant, CTLT Indigenous Initiatives 
  • Samantha Nock – Educational Consultant, CTLT Indigenous Initiatives