Co-Creating the Future: Amplifying Student Voices to Inform Course Design

Event Date & Time

  • June 5, 2024
    1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Event Description


This event is part of the CTLT Spring Institute, taking place from June 3–6, 2024.

Building on the foundational insights shared during a past panel discussion, Students as Partners in Course Re-design: Reflections from Student, Faculty, and Staff Partners on Learning through Partnership, this interactive workshop aims to dive deeper into the practical aspects of actively seeking and embedding the student voice into course design. This workshop will explore the purposeful innovation of teaching practices through the lens of student-faculty partnerships. Participants will engage in hands-on activities that illustrate how to effectively incorporate student feedback and collaboration in the redesign of course materials, activities and assessments. By the end of this session, participants will have developed strategies for creating more inclusive and engaging teaching and learning experiences that lead to better learning outcomes.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Collect and analyze student feedback and identify how feedback can be integrated into course design
  • Incorporate student feedback into the course design process

Participants will leave with resources and strategies to implement student-driven approaches in their courses, enhancing creativity, engagement and learning outcomes.


  • John Cheng, Educational Consultant: Learning Design, CTLT;
  • Nicole Ronan, Educational Consultant: Learning Design, CTLT;
  • Roselynn Verwoord, Strategist: Students as Partners; Curriculum Consultant, CTLT;
  • Rohil Sharma, Student Coordinator, Students as Partners, UBCV