Challenges and Benefits of Multi-Campus Learning – December 17, 2020

Event Date & Time

  • December 17, 2020
    10:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Description

The benefits of synchronous, multi-campus learning are becoming more apparent as technologies develop and teaching efficiencies are being sought. Synchronous multi-campus instruction typically involves a single instructor teaching in-classroom at one location, with remote cohorts attending with the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT). This model has the benefit of bringing together experts from one campus with students from one or more other campuses. Although not a new premise, many attempting to transition from a single classroom to a multi-campus synchronous environment struggle to maintain teaching presence, equity, and fairness at all locations. It has been demonstrated that students on both campuses can receive a higher quality of learning through greater instructional opportunities and lab exposure if executed properly. This workshop will inform attendees of common issues and opportunities when implementing this model. Suggested pedagogical approaches will be presented as they relate to the COI framework.


  • Christoph Sielmann, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Casey Keulen, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Materials Engineering


This event will be hosted on Zoom.