30+30 Integrating GenAI in Assignments and Assessments

Event Date & Time

  • August 8, 2024
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Event Description


As GenAI becomes increasingly utilized by students and faculty in higher education, we are uncovering new insights into how it can enhance our classrooms and curricula.

In this online workshop, we will explore various methods of integrating GenAI into assignments and assessments. These range from those that prohibit GenAI use, to assignments that utilize GenAI for ideation and brainstorming, evaluate GenAI output, and allow students to employ GenAI as a co-pilot. We will also share examples from university teaching contexts, illustrating how GenAI is used across different disciplines.


  • Lucas Wright, Senior Educational Consultant, Learning Technology, CTLT

This event will be hosted on Zoom.