2022 New Faculty Teaching Orientation: Making Connections

Event Date & Time

  • August 16, 2022
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Event Description

Welcome to UBC! We are pleased you have joined our vibrant, supportive UBC community. We know our faculty are the most important resources we have – working side-by-side to shape the future of research, learning, and work.  These gatherings are designed to reduce the isolation that permeates teaching in higher education institutions, create positive professional relationships with new and veteran faculty members from various departments, assist faculty members to become more effective teachers, and strengthen our efforts to forge significant transformative learning experiences for our students. 

Opening the session this year are guest speakers, Dr. Tara Ivanochko and Dr. Amanda Giang, talking about their journeys at the university bringing their passion for sustainability education and what worked for them in building their own teaching community. Oliver Lane, Manager of Teaching and Learning at the Sustainability Hub will also share resources and opportunities for new UBC faculty members to build connections across the University through the Hub as well as other support units on campus.

We will also hear from a panel of experienced UBC faculty who will highlight how to have a successful transition and first year at UBC. Panelists will share their experiences on topics such as teaching face-to-face and online, finding mentors and connecting with peers, balancing their teaching and research, and how they flourished in their roles at UBC.

Lastly, we explore the 2022 Faculty Primer – your essential go-to list of how to get started with teaching and learning at UBC.

During this session you will:

  • Hear from colleagues about how you can build your own teaching community and network of peers to connect across campus and across disciplines.
  • Learn about how you can incorporate sustainability and climate education into your teaching
  • Hear first-hand from colleagues about how to have a successful first year
  • Learn about teaching programs, practices, and resources at UBC

Please note, this is a face-to-face and virtual session for NEW FACULTY only. 

We encourage you to attend this event in person, as you will benefit from interacting with a variety of individuals with different backgrounds in various fields from across the UBC campus. Connecting and conversing with people with varying backgrounds can provide a refreshingly different insight and help educate you on areas outside of yours that may be relevant to you. For those attending in person, please ensure you have a smartphone or tablet to engage in the session activities.

Venue: UBCV, CIRS Building, BC Hydro Theatre