Using the ‘Rapid Reflection on Learnings Process’ in Graduate Teaching

Event Date & Time

  • May 3, 2016
    9:30 am - 10:15 am

Event Description

In this session, we critically evaluate the use of what we call a ‘rapid reflection on learnings’ process in the context of our graduate teaching. The process involves use of an open-ended set of questions about key moments in learning that we ask students to complete, in writing, during the last 5 minutes of each class. The questions ask students to identify salient take-away messages, identify points in the class where they felt most and least engaged, make note of actions taken by anyone that were affirming or confusing, and consider specific ‘aha’ moments. The systematic feedback we obtain in this way is invaluable to our team teaching in several ways: 1) it provides weekly input that allows us to monitor students’ learning and identify trouble spots, 2) it prompts to students to engage in reflective learning about their own learning, and 3) it gives us insight into effective and ineffective pedagogic strategies. The process is, in short, a vital tool in our evolving pedagogic approach. And, it is doubly helpful when teaching a new or evolving course! Our presentation will offer participants the opportunity to learn about the process we have evolved and how to effectively apply it. We will share the form we’ve created and reflect on the findings from our analysis of how students respond to the process, attending to ethical questions that may arise and specific examples of the surprising moments we had in reading what they students had written.


Susan Cox, Associate Professor, School of Population and Public Health

Charlyn Black, Faculty, School of Population and Public Health

Kate Jongbloed, Teaching Assistant, School of Population and Public Health


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1961 East Mall V6T 1Z1, Vancouver


formerly Lillooet Room.