Student and Teacher Wellbeing: Simple Strategies for Positive Impact

Series: CTLT Institute

Event Date & Time

  • December 6, 2018
    9:00 am - 10:30 am

Event Description

Are you looking for teaching strategies that will benefit your students’ sense of wellbeing? How do you cultivate wellbeing in your classrooms? Join us for an interactive session to:

  1. learn about, discuss and brainstorm ideas for incorporating wellness activities into your course design and delivery,
  2. explore why wellness matters to both students and faculty,
  3. discuss the impact of classroom activities on your students’ (and your) wellbeing, and
  4. connect with other members of the teaching and learning community interested in enhancing and supporting student wellbeing.

This session will be hosted and facilitated by the Teaching & Wellbeing Community of Practice.


Michael Lee, Senior Instructor, Occupational Sciences & Occupational Therapy
Gail Hammond, Instructor, Food, Nutrition, and Health