Promoting Wellbeing for Ourselves and Our Students

Series: CTLT Institute

Event Date & Time

  • August 21, 2019
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Description

Join this lively discussion symposium to explore how to promote wellbeing for all involved in teaching and learning. We will engage in three short roundtable discussions on related topics before we dive in deeper in a facilitated discussion as a large group. The moderators at each round table will help set the context and provide ideas/information to shape and enrich the dialogue.

Wellness Resources for Faculty – Melissa Baker, Health Promotion Strategist HR
The evidence is clear: to teach, research, work and support students well, you must be well. Considering that we spend almost two thirds of our waking hours at work, the workplace has a significant impact on our health. UBC HR is helping staff and faculty thrive in the workplace and beyond by focusing on proactive approaches to enhancing wellbeing. Join our round table discussion to learn about the broad range of health and wellbeing related resources, support services, and programs that UBC HR offers.

Wellness Resources for Students – Levonne Abshire, Health Promotion Strategist, SD&S
UBC has many resources to help support the health and wellness of students. Find out more about what is available and how to connect with these resources. By the end of this session, you will be able identify and understand the UBC resources on and off campus that support student wellbeing and identify how to connect students to the various resources.

Teaching Practices that Promote Wellbeing – Jocelyn Micallef, Educational Developer, SD&S and CTLT
Studies have indicated that good mental health and wellbeing enhances a student’s ability to learn. Evidence also shows that different teaching practices affect student learning outcomes. The Identifying the influence of teaching practices on undergraduate students’ mental health and wellbeing project explored which teaching practices best support student wellbeing and effective student learning.


  • Levonne Abshire – Health Promotion Strategist, Health Promotion and Education
  • Melissa Baker, RD – Manager, Nutrition & Wellbeing, Student Housing and Hospitality Services, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Jocelyn Micallef, MA – Educational Developer, SD&S, CTLT