Open Education Resources (OER) Faculty Panel – October 1, 2019

Series: Open Education

Event Date & Time

  • October 1, 2019
    2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Event Description

UBC faculty, students and staff have a long history of engaging with a broad range of open educational practices and resources. Open Educational Resources (OER) are defined as teaching, learning, and research materials that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use. OER can enhance teaching and learning through contextualization, time savings, and lowering student access barriers such as costs.

The adaption, creation, and use of open education textbooks by UBC faculty have impacted 15,450 students in 39 courses or course sections potentially saving UBC students an estimated at $1.5 to $2.3 million dollars this academic year1. Through the use of OER, as well as open pedagogies, UBC faculty have also created meaningful, inclusive, and accessible learning experiences that emphasize students as collaborators in the production and sharing of knowledge.

If you are preparing to develop a proposal for the OER Fund or simply are interested in expanding your knowledge of open education practices, this faculty panel will highlight the motivations and processes involved in four unique open education projects at UBC.


  • Christina Hendricks (CTLT Academic Director) – Facilitator
  • Leonora Crema (Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Librarian)
  • Agnes D’Entremont (Senior Instructor, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Siobhan McElduff (Associate Professor, Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies)
  • Andrew Rechnitzer ‎(Professor, Department of Mathematics)
  • Stephanie Savage (Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Librarian)
  • Jonathan Verrett (Instructor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering)
  • Elyse Yeager ‎(Instructor, Department of Mathematics)

[1] 2018/19 Open UBC Snapshot