Muslim Literacy: Challenging problematic narratives about marginalized communities

Event Date & Time

  • November 9, 2017
    9:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Description

This interactive 90 minute workshop uses video and discussion to highlight and deconstruct well meaning assumptions about Muslims in the West. Using a decolonial framework the workshop facilitates participants in discussion about how problematic narratives are created at large and how to address them using anti-Muslim racism as a case study.  The workshop is open to staff, faculty and student leaders with some prior knowledge of how various groups are marginalized at a systemic level rather than it being individual prejudice. For an inclusive classroom environment this workshop enables educators to dispel stereotypes and therefore relives the burden from Muslim students themselves. It also provides pedagogical tools to encourage critical thinking.

Facilitator:  Rabia Mir is a graduate student in Educational Studies. Her research is on ontological shift in Islamic education post colonial encounter in Pakistan. Her other research project is developing pedagogical resources for anti-Muslim racism training. Rabia has worked in investment management for six years in US, UK, Singapore and Pakistan. She was also Project Director for United World College in Pakistan for a year where she oversaw the selection, promotion and operational aspects of the program. Rabia graduated from Harvard University in 2007 with a joint degree in Social Studies and Near Easter Languages and Civilizations. 



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