Mentoring (for Senior TAs)

Event Date & Time

  • September 17, 2018
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Event Description

This workshop is meant for senior TAs who will be serving, formally or informally, as mentors for other TAs in their department. During the workshop, you will focus on developing specific mentoring skills. The early part of the day will focus on setting up the mentoring relationship, and the latter part of the day will focus on 3 core mentoring skills – feedback, reflection, and skill modeling. The workshop is an interactive, peer-based model, which will give the mentors opportunities to learn about and practice these skills, and will run from 9:30AM until 3:30 PM (with a 45 minute lunch break). The training is highly intensive, and to take part, participants will need to commit to being present for the entire duration of the workshop.

Please register if you are sure you are able to attend the workshop, and make sure to cancel your registration if you are unable to attend.


Venue Website:

1961 E Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Please note this room is located through the CTLT offices of the 2nd floor in IKBLC.