Contract Faculty CoP: Designing Digital Scholarship Projects

Event Date & Time

  • March 28, 2024
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Event Description


Isabel Machado (Lecturer, GRSJ) and Ekatarina Grguric (Digital Scholarship Librarian) will talk about their partnership in designing and facilitating digital scholarship projects for CSIS courses. With Ekatarina’s support, Isabel is creating project-driven courses where students learn how to translate and apply the theories and concepts related to Critical Sexuality Studies discussed in class to projects and language accessible to broader audiences. The students work on a single project throughout the term, which they build by completing smaller scaffolding assignments. In a series of workshops, they learn the skills necessary to advance to each step of the project.

They will discuss the mixed results of the first term of their collaboration, and how they are taking an iterative approach to address previous shortcomings and improve the methodology this term.


  • Isabel Machado, Lecturer, GRSJ
  • Ekatarina Grguric, Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Sarika Bose, Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literatures
  • Judy Chan, PhD. Faculty Associate, Faculty Liaison (Land and Food Systems)