Confronting Uncomfortable Conversations in the Classroom: A Pedagogy of Emotion

Event Date & Time

  • October 12, 2017
    1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Event Description

Being a teacher can require us to engage in uncomfortable conversations that provoke and evoke an array of emotions for us as educators and for our students. For those of us in the social sciences and humanities, these conversations often emerge from the content of our courses which touch on issues of inequality, privilege, and colonisation. For those in the more scientific disciplines, these conversations may surface in other ways—such as a student accusing another of being stupid, a student breaking down in tears as they request an extension on an assignment. What do we do in the face of these conversations? How can we respond in ways that best support our students and ourselves?  In this workshop we will share conversations about difficult conversations and will explore the role of the arts and somatic awareness in helping us to become more emotionally present and better prepared for these conversations.



Jude Walker is Assistant Professor of Adult Learning and Education who has recently been exploring the role of emotion in teaching and learning (e.g. Walker, J. (2017). Shame and transformation in the theory and practice of adult learning and education. Journal of Transformative Education. [Published online]; Walker, J., & Palacios, C. (2016). A pedagogy of emotion in teaching about social movement learning. Teaching in Higher Education, 21 (2). 175-190).

Shayna Hornstein is a body-focused psychotherapist, a registered physical therapist and a recent graduate student in Adult Learning and Education. As an educator and therapist, she seeks to foster her learners’ awareness of the link between mental and physical health, and to help them to harness the power of the body to work through physical and emotional stresses.