GenAI Symposium

The Teaching and Learning with GenAI Symposium is taking place on November 14 & 15.

Generative AI is rapidly transforming the teaching and learning domain, being utilized by both students and faculty in their courses. In this symposium, you will hear from faculty, students, and staff at UBC about the significance of generative AI and how it is influencing teaching and learning. Additionally, you will gain insights into specific strategies for designing assignments and learning activities that incorporate and harness the power of generative AI.

During this two-day symposium, our focus will be on the applications of generative AI in the realm of teaching and learning. The event will feature a faculty roundtable, a student panel discussing the effects of generative AI on their educational experience, a hands-on assignment design workshop, and a philosophy corner where some of the broader issues and prospects of this technology will be deliberated.

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